Inside: 57 Bold Red Quotes that will inspire power in you to make an impact. 

Colors have a huge impact on our day-to-day lives, from nature to branding to clothes. Very few colors have the emotional impact of the color red. No matter the shade, red represents love, passion, caution, heat, danger and power. Red is daring, assertive and stands out from the crowd.

In a psychology study by Mentzel SV, Schücker L, Hagemann N, Strauss B called “Emotionality of Colors: An Implicit Link between Red and Dominance”, the color red “has been shown to alter emotions, physiology, psychology, and behavior. Research has suggested that these alterations could possibly be due to a link between red and perceived dominance.”

It’s no surprise that red is a favorite color of many.

We have gathered the most bold red quotes, sayings and Instagram captions that you can use to show off your favorite red shade or your new red dress.

bold red quotes

Red Quotes That Make An Impact

1.“Red”, I write “is the color of life. It’s blood, passion, rage.” -Mary Hogan, “Pretty Face”

2. “I love bright red drinks, don’t you? They taste twice as good as any other color.” -Lucy Maud Montgomery, “Anne of Green Gables”

3. “If I could tell you about Red / I would sing to you of fire / Sweet like cherries / Burning like cinnamon /  Smelling like a rose in the sun” -Dixie Dawn Miller Goode, “Rainbows Around Us”

4. “As she always did on any really important day, Penelope Hayes wore red.” – Anna Godbersen, “The Luxe”

5. “Candy apple red is my favorite color. It’s a powerful color to wear. It’s always been that way I’ve always been really attracted to that color.” – Carly Rae Jepsen

6.“Red leaves the other colors blushing with emotions.” -Anthony T. Hincks

Anthony T Hincks quote about color

7. “Red is the great clarifier bright and revealing. I can’t imagine becoming bored with red, it would be like becoming bored with the person you love.” – Diana Vreeland

Instagram Captions to Show Off Your Favorite Red Dress

8.“When we put on a dress, we give it life; but in the red dress it is the opposite, it is not the dress that is given life, but the one who wears it!” -Mehmet Murat ildan

9.“Nothing attracts attention like a red dress.” -Laura Bush

10.“Never has it been inappropriate for a girl to wear a red dress.” -Caroline George, “The Vestige”

11.“When in doubt, wear red.” -Bill Blass

Red fashion quotes for instagram

12. Confidence is rocking a red dress.

13. Nothing attracts attention like a red dress.

14. “I want to be different. If everyone is wearing black, I want to be wearing red.” -Maria Sharapova

Daring Quotes by Celebrities

15.”Red is such an interesting color to correlate with emotion, because it’s on both ends of the spectrum. On one end you have happiness, falling in love, infatuation with someone, passion, all that. On the other end, you’ve got obsession, jealousy, danger, fear, anger and frustration.” -Taylor Swift

16.“Red is a strong, happy, optimistic color, and I like having fun with it, you know? ” -Victoria Beckham

17.“In a study that examined clothing and athletic performance, researchers found that athletes who wore red clothing in the 2004 Olympic Games won more events than those athletes who wore blue.” -Cary G. Weldy, “The Power of Tattoos: Twelve Hidden Energy Secrets of Body Art Every Tattoo Enthusiast Should Know”

18. “There is certainly a red for everyone.” -Christian Dior

Red dior quote

19. “I have often wondered why Red is the color of love, and of the heart. Until I realized that red is also the color of blood, pain, fire, and all that is dangerous and sacred. Thus Red is both beautiful and dangerous; It is to be desired and feared, as love is.” -Paul Bamikole

20. “I write to create red in a world that often appears black and white.” -Terry Tempest Williams

21. “Bet you don’t know why the sun sets red. You see, light is made up of lots of colors. And out of all those colors, red is the one that travels the farthest.” – Axel

22. “I will never know how you see red and you will never know how I see it.” -Anne Carson, Autobiography of Red

23. “I always liked red. It’s a picker-upper.” -Nancy Reagan

24. “Today I wear red and I truly let go, losing my way and finding my soul.” – Shilpa Ahuja

25. “Come to California…and bathe in fire red sunlight!” – Steven Magee

Beautiful Rose Quotes

26. “A red rose is not selfish because it wants to be a red rose. It would be horribly selfish if it wanted all the other flowers in the garden to be both red and roses.” -Oscar Wilde

red rose quote

27. “The red rose whispers of passion, / And the white rose breathes of love; / O, the red rose is a falcon, / And the white rose is a dove.” – John Boyle O’Reilly

28. O, my love is like a red, red rose. -Robert Burns

29. Love and a red rose can’t be hid. -Thomas Holcroft

30. “I see trees of green, red roses too. I see them bloom for me and you. And I think to myself what a wonderful world. I see skies of blue and clouds of white. The bright blessed day, the dark sacred night. And I think to myself what a wonderful world…” -Louis Armstrong

31. “Think of your pain like a bunch of red roses, a beautiful thorn necklace. Everyone has one.” -Francesca Lia Block

32. Roses are red, violets are blue, I’ll never love someone the way I love you.

Red Lipstick Sayings

33. Dear red lipstick…we love you! A lot!

34. Curvy hips and red lips

35. Red lipstick is a power tool

36. All I need is coffee and red lipstick!

Passionate Red Captions

37. “In my mind, I see all of my passionate memories in bright, burning Red.” – Taylor Swift

38. The lady in red is dancing with me, cheek to cheek / There’s nobody here, it’s just you and me / It’s where I want to be. -Chris De Burgh, “The Lady in Red”

Chris De Burgh – Lady In Red (Official Video)

39. “Blood is blood and it’s all red. Show me what’s in your heart and in your eyes.” – James Frey

40. “Designers want me to dress like Spring, in billowing things. I don’t feel like Spring. I feel like a warm red Autumn.” – Marilyn Monroe

41. “I love red so much, I almost want to paint everything red.” – Alexander Calder.

42. “Red stimulates and excites your nerves, pulse rate and blood circulation, and lends energy to your entire system. When you are fatigued, lethargic or sluggish for any reason, red has an energizing influence.” – Tae Yun Kim

43. “Put on your red shoes, and dance the blues.” – David Bowie

44. And honey, I say / Little Red Corvette / Baby, you’re much too fast / Little Red Corvette / You need a love that’s gonna last -Prince

45. These expensive, these is red bottoms, these is bloody shoes -Cardi B

46. “Now and then it is a joy to have one’s table red with wine and roses.” – Oscar Wilde, ‘The Letters Of Oscar Wilde’.

47. I’m in love with red. I think it’s such a passionate color. Every flag of every country pretty much has red it it. It’s power, there’s no fence sitting with red. Either you love it or you don’t. I think it’s blood and strength and life. -Bryan Batt

Bold Quotes to Express Your Love

48. The red car, even before I knew it was called Ferrari, was my obsession. -Charles Leclerc

49. Just a touch of eyeliner and red lips is glamorous. -Monica Bellucci

50. No car can attract attention like a red car.

51. “If you don’t like speaking much, wear red clothes; they will speak on behalf of you!” -Mehmet Murat ildan

52. Here’s the red / The red of love / The fire that burns / Within my soul / The reddest red / I’ve ever known / The flame untouched / Ignited coal -Trisha North, Safe: The Places I Go in My Head to Feel Acceptance & Peace

53. “Red has always been my color, because red stands out.” -Ravyn Lenae

Bold lipstick quoute

54. “Loving him was red.” -Taylor Swift

55. “Most days I juggle everything quite well, on the other days there’s always red wine.” — Rachael Bermingham

56. “Red lips and fragrance always top off an outfit for me.” – Christina Aguilera

57. “In red, you feel naked even when you are dressed.” – Chloe Thurlow

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