Inside: 53 Spring Letterboard Quotes to Make You Laugh.

Spring has sprung!

Spring brings so many fun holidays and sunny weather, so why not spruce up the letter board.

Personally, I like to brainstorm some spring puns so I can put up my spring letter boards as soon as I’m done with my Valentine’s letter boards or before I put up my St. Patrick’s Day letter boards.

Letterboards are such a fun way to add a little humor, sweet memory, or special message to your holiday decor.

Check out our favorite spring letter board quotes and some very ‘punny’ sayings that will make you laugh.

Easter Letterboard Quotes

Spring Letterboard Quotes

These funny spring letterboard quotes are packed full of sweet and silly sayings that go perfect for Easter and the spring season.

1. Some bunny is eggstra special today!

2. Hippity hoppitty Easter’s on its way

3. Oh for peeps sake

4. Some bunny loves you

5. Hangin’ with my peeps

6. I was going to tell a joke about an egg, but it’s not all it’s cracked up to be

7. It’s the time of year when I pretend the 10 pounds of chocolate I’m buying is for kids Easter baskets

8. Keep calm. Carrot on.

Funny Spring Letterboard Quotes

9. Easter egg hunts – proof your children can find stuff.

10. Don’t worry – be hoppy!

11. Bunny kisses and Easter wishes

12. It’s SPRING! Let’s open the windows and pretend to clean.

Letter board Sayings for Spring

Flowers, bunnies, eggs, and sunshine, are just a few of our favorite themes for these fun spring letterboard sayings.

13. Spring is here! Let’s get EGGcited!

14. I’m sorry for the things I said when it was winter.

15. Hello, spring fever. Goodbye, flu season.

16. Let your joy burst forth, like flowers in the spring.

17. April showers bring may flowers.

18. It’s gonna be May.  -Justin Timberlake

19. Spring cleaning never killed anyone. But why take the chance?

20. Silly rabbit, Easter is for Jesus

21. YOLO. LOL. JK. BRB. -Jesus

22. Jesus paid it all

23. I am the Resurrection and the Life (place the words so that they form the shape of a cross)

24. He is risen

Spring Quotes for Letter Board

25. Christ the Lord is risen today, alleluia

26. By His wounds, we are healed

27. Because He lives I can face tomorrow

28. I know my Redeemer lives

29. He was wounded for our transgressions

30. “The very first Easter taught us this: that life never ends and love never dies.” -McGahan

31. Easter is about love, hope, and happiness. May you have plenty of each.

32. “Happy Easter! May you have all the hard-boiled eggs and chocolate bunnies your heart desire.

33. I wanted to wish you a Happy Easter and put a little Spring in your step.

34. Easter is the only time when it’s perfectly safe to put all your eggs in one basket.” —Evan Esar

35. How do I like my eggs? Cadbury.

36. Don’t worry, be hoppy.

37. Let’s live hoppily ever after.

Funny Spring Letter Board Sayings

38. Follow the bunny, he has the chocolate.

39. Bunny kisses, Easter wishes.

Easter Sayings

40. I’m having a good hare day.

41. We’re like two peeps in a pod.

42. No bunny loves you like I do.

Letterboard Sayings for Spring

43. Who else is egg-cited for Easter?

44. Hoppin’into spring like…

45. “Let your light shine before others.” —Matthew 5:16

46. “The Earth laughs in flowers.” —Ralph Waldo Emerson

47. “The deep roots never doubt spring will come.” —Marty Rubin

48. “Spring is nature’s way of saying, ‘Let’s Party!

49. Spring has sprung

50. It’s finally spring thyme

51. Spring is here. Turn over a new leaf.

52. Time to turn a new leaf

53. I am totally a spring chicken.

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Spring Letterboard Quotes