Inside: You Make Me Happy Quotes – Make Someone Happy

Is there anything in the world better than being happy? Well, being with someone that makes you happy is probably a step above. This post is dedicated to all the people and things that make us happy.

These You Make Me Happy quotes are designed to remind or something or someone that makes you happy. As you scroll through think of a person who would be made happy by you sending them each quote.

Hopefully by the end of the post your heart will be filled with joy as you are reminded of all the things and people that make you happy.

You Make Me Happy Quotes

1. You make me so happy when you save me the last sip, the last bite, or the best spot on the couch when we watch Game of Thrones.

2. Happiness is a quiet beach with just you and a sunset

you make me happy quotes

3. I think I am the happiest when everyone picks up their shoes from my living room. Yes, that is where I’m at in life.

4. I have found that happiness is something I chose for myself. Like when I chose to buy myself a churro for surviving Costco on a Saturday.

5. The older I get the more I realize how easy it is to make me happy. And by happy I mean fall asleep.

6. No one makes me happier than my children becoming the people they are. Leaving the house might help a little too.

7. Being happy is as easy as turning off your phone, putting a good record on, and sipping a good cup of coffee.

8. I like to find happiness in the little things. Like the person who cut me off getting pulled over by the cop, they didn’t see.

9. Life Hack: if you want to be happy in life keep a journal in your pocket and write down everything in that do you are thankful for. Read it at the end of each day.

You Make Me Happy Quotes – So Many things…

10. There are so many things in life to make you happy. The sound of a child laughing, a rainbow, or a friend losing a ton of weight, and giving away their Lululemon pants that are too big for them now.

11. You make me happy when you think of me. Be it a text, a call, flowers or a handwritten note. Those are the things you do that make me happy.

12. After a lifetime of worrying, I finally decided that being happy was much nicer. It’s amazing how many things will make you happy when you are looking for them too.

13. If watching too many episodes of The Office and eating an entire bag of popcorn every night doesn’t make you happy, we probably shouldn’t be friends.

happy quotes

14. May you be as happy as Joey from Friends is when sitting in front of a pizza.

15. To experience happiness in life is always a gift. To experience happiness with another is the greatest gift.

16. If nothing makes you happy then let us stop everything we are doing and set off on a journey to help you find it.

17. Finding happiness in others is always hard to do, yet striving to create happiness in others usually manifests it for you as well.

18. Find someone that makes you laugh and you will be happy forever.

quotes to make you happy


19. When I want to make my mom happy I tell her all the things I can remember her doing for me when I was younger. Does the trick every time.

Just go visit the pet store and hold puppies

20. Life Hack: if you need a quick jolt of happiness, just go visit the pet store and hold puppies.

21. You make me happier than Ghost when Jon Snow finally gave him his “good boy” pet at the end of Season 8.

22. I get so happy when they take out the trash. I mean sure, it had been there for a week piling up, but my therapist and I are working on choosing happiness.

23. I’ve spent my whole life trying to be as happy as a toddler with a popsicle on a hot day.

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24. How could having a dog not make you happy? Every time I get home they greet you with the joy of a thousand kids hopped up on sugar.

25. I am most happy when I am with you. Your laugh, your touch, your presence make me the happiest person in the world.

Did these quotes make you think of anyone in your life? Make sure you send it to them so that they can be happy (or full of laughter) as well.