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There is something incredibly powerful about living in the moment. None of us do this perfectly, as there is always some anxiety creeping into the back of our mind. But, those moments we are able to focus on the gift that is today; those are always the best days.

These Live in the Moment Quotes are designed to inspire and encourage to live in the riches that today has to offer you. Whether it is forgiving the past, or telling your excuses they aren’t welcome anymore – today, use these quotes to take a step towards living in the moment.

It’s a gift waiting for all of us to open, each and every day.

Live in the Moment Quotes – Live in the Riches of Today

1. The only moment you are promised is right now.

Live in the Moment Quotes

2. Live for today, let the others worry about tomorrow.

3. Value the moment before it becomes a memory.

4. Today is the only day you have for the rest of your life.

5. Take your bucket list, cross off “bucket,” write “to-do.”

6. Don’t wait all week for Friday, all year for Summer, all life for adventure.

7. Who in your life needs you to be present today?

8. Take a deep breath and remember who the fuck you are.

Want a great future? Give your all to the present

9. Want a great future? Give yourself all the present.

10. “Today me will live in the moment. Unless it is unpleasant. Then me will eat a cookie.” – Cookie Monster

Quotes about living in the moment

11. Your past only controls your present to the extent you let it.

12. Start loving the person in the mirror and the day will work out.

13. Say yes to the good today, and no to everything else.

14. I’ll look back and smile because I decided to live my life without excuses.

15. Live in the moment and forever be at peace.

16. Don’t wait for the perfect moment, make the moment perfect.

17. Rich is the person that sees the value in every single moment.

18. You don’t have to have it figured out to live in the moment. In fact, it’s a prerequisite.

Live in the Moment Quotes – Fear kills more dreams than failure

19. Fear kills more dreams than failure ever could.

20. Each day, each person, each situation is a gift to be enjoyed.

Live in the Moment Quotes

21. Take a moment to be grateful for how far you’ve come.

22. If you need help today ask for it, give someone the gift of helping you.

23. There is great wealth to those who live in the moment, and they are always generous.

24. Today is a special occasion you have been waiting for.

25. Write all your excuses on a sheet of paper and throw that bitch away.