Inside: Funny 21st birthday Quotes

Ah, the 21st Birthday. That wonderful time when we thought the world revolved around us and we celebrated like acting like we were indestructible. We commend all the people who are able to remember their 21st birthday and salute those who cannot.

These Funny 21st Birthday quotes might be a trip down memory lane for some people.

For others, they can be a funny anecdote to put on a card or send in a text message. Either way, have fun with these quotes and celebrate all the fun and stupidity that comes with your 21st birthday.

Funny 21st Birthday Quotes – Celebrate with Humor

1. Congrats. Now you can legally do everything you’ve been doing since 15.

2. Don’t chase anything except drinks and dreams.

3. Happy 21st Anniversary of your escape from the womb.

4. I’m glad you don’t have to beg strangers to buy you beer anymore.

5. Happy Beer-thday!

6. You and Google both debuted 21 years ago. So, there’s that.

7. I’m glad you were the strongest sperm.

8. Congrats on not having to use your fake I.D. anymore.

9. Here’s to a night you’ll never remember!

10. Welcome to the age when drinking becomes tedious and expensive!

11. Just because you only turn 21 once doesn’t mean you have to remember it.

12. Tonight begins the first of many, many poor decisions.

Funny 21st Birthday Quotes – Your youth has officially expired

13. Your youth has officially expired. Happy Birthday.

14. May the odds of remembering your 21st birthday be ever in your favor.

15. Oh, dang girl, you’re 21 and looking legal AF.

16. You deserve much more than a birthday greeting, and I hope you get it.

17. Today we say goodbye to a true friend – the fake I.D.

18. Tonight the drinks are on your friends. Tomorrow you have to start paying yourself.

19. Happy 21st anniversary to the day your face rubbed against your mom’s vagina.

20. Happy 21st Birthday! We honestly can’t believe you made it this long.

21. I’d be much more into your birthday if it was my birthday.

22. For your 21st birthday, my present is not taking any pictures of you tonight.

Finally 21 – now go out there and make some regrettable decisions

23. Finally 21 – now go out there and make some regrettable decisions.

24. Many cheers and beers to your 21 years!

25. Happy 21st Birthday to my newest drinking buddy.