Inside: 80th Birthday Quotes

It is their 80th Birthday. It’s just absolutely incredible to celebrate the birth of someone that has been on this earth for 80 years.

I mean, you thought your 30th birthday was a big deal, but 80??? These 80th Birthday Quotes are designed to help you celebrate a life well-lived. It’s no coincidence that people turning 80 this year were born the year the Great Depression ended. Their births represented a new hope for America.

They were born with the hope that instead of floundering they would flourish – and flourish they have. So grab one of these quotes and hold it near and dear to your heart as you celebrate your dear one turning 80 years old!

80th Birthday Quotes – Celebrate a Life Well Lived

1. There is nothing about your life that hasn’t been spectacular.

2. It’s no coincidence the Great Depression ended the year you were born.

3. Being 80 means you have many people to love and who love you.

4. Congrats on turning 40 for the second time.

5. You might be 80, but in Scrabble points, you are only 13.

6. 80 years is being matured into perfection.

7. I think it was called the Greatest Generation because you were in it.

8. Turning 80 is only turning 27 in Celsius.

9. You’ve lived for 80 years and seen three generations of children. Well done.

10. What a gift you have been to our family for 80 years.

80th Birthday Quotes – Good gravy, look who’s turning 80!

11. Good gravy, look who’s turning 80!

12. Happy 80th Birthday! You don’t look a day over 65!

13. Seeing your beauty at 80 has me very excited to have inherited your genes.

14. “The older you get the better you get. Unless you’re a banana.” – Betty White

15. There is no way to describe the impact you’ve had on our family. Happy Birthday!

16. They say 80 is the new…. what was I saying?

17. You have lived for 80 years. How amazing is that?!?!

18. Just think, in dog years you’re like 560…

19. You’re not 80, you’re 18 with 62 years of experience.

Out of the 2.2 million people born in 1939, you are my favorite

20. Out of the 2.2 million people born in 1939, you are my favorite.

21. Nothing quite as special as spending your 80th birthday with you.

22. I cannot imagine what the world would have been like without you.

23. Everyone gets to be young once. Your turn’s been over for a while.

24. You’re not old, you’re the classic model.

25. Like wine and whiskey, you keep getting better with age.