Inside: 21 Funny Birthday Invitation Quotes you’ll love.
Celebrating a Birthday is one of the best ways to share in love and fun with all your friends. Throwing the perfect birthday bash requires great friends, good food, and a whole lot of fun! One of my favorite birthday traditions is throwing a fun birthday party and being together with all my closest friends and family.
That is why I love coming up with a quirky and fun birthday invitation…
funny birthday invitation quotes

We scoured the inter webs to find the best and funny birthday invitation quotes and images and to put them together for you to impress your friends with your wit. So grab an image and text and plan the best birthday bash of the year!

Funny Birthday Invitation Quotes to Send

These funny birthday invitation quotes are perfect for your next birthday bash!

1. Inviting you to my birthday bash on ____! Grace the party with your presence. Gift me your blessing and love.
2. To all my Foody Friends!
You all are invited to my birthday party to enjoy snacks and drinks and me.
birthday quotes for invites
3. Join me and my wife in celebration of her birthday!
I love my wife, so please don’t come empty handed.
4. My Birthday party will not be complete until my friends will get full.
Come for the party at Venue, Time. The Bar Will Remain Open Until You Close It.
5. Today your friend has turned 50 but will party like 20s.
Come soon to enjoy, food, music and lots and lots of drinks.
funny birthday quotes

Birthday Invitation Quote Ideas

Make the very best birthday invitations with these totally funny birthday invitation quotes. All your friends will get a good laugh and be totally excited about your party!

6. My Dad has decided that this year he will celebrate my birthday. I welcome you all on his behalf at the party. Be on time and leave on time.
7. You are invited to my birthday party. Please come soon dear. And don’t forget to bring the gift, it is mandatory here.
birthday image ideas
8. You forgot to bring the gift last year. This time, no excuse will work. Please come with due gift as well.
9. There will be dance, drinks and dinner. It’s my birthday party, so off course everything will be paid. Please come to celebrate.
10. Please be at my birthday party to bless me and have fun. You will have a bad sex life for one year, you won’t come.
funny birthday invitation quotes
11. I’m throwing wild and thrilling birthday party. All jungles are invited to have fun and make it exciting.
12. She is turning __ and setting life goals for us, cherishing the happiness and increasing the love would require your presence. See you there on __
13. Cheers to turning the life reverse by ___ years of age. I would love to celebrate my life journey and its milestones with you. Come and join the party on __

Funny Birthday Invitation Quotes

Here are a few more funny birthday quotes for a birthday celebration!
14.  One year closer to granny panties.
funny birthday
15. In whiskey years you just got more delicious.
16. Don’t be jealous just because I look this good at 80!
17. You don’t look a day over what you looked like yesterday. Happy Birthday!
18. She Drink, She Drank, She Drunk. Celebrate this wild birthday!
19. Damn, I make 50 look good! Come celebrate with me!
20. 50? I’d be keeping that shit quiet if I were you! Happy Birthday.
50th images
21. Think big on your birthday!

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Now it’s time to grab the decorations and plan the perfect cake it’s birthday party time! These funny birthday invitation quotes are ready to be sent to your dearest friends. Let us know in the comments your favorite!