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37 November Birthday Quotes + Wishes

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Inside: Fall Baby November Birthday Quotes + Wishes. Ah, November. Cool, crisp, and frigid air comes sweeping in, the leaves are changing and it’s the season of thankfulness. For a lucky group of people we are especially thankful for during the month of November. That’s right, we are talking about November birthday babies!  This list […]

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47 Happy 6th Birthday Quotes + Messages

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Inside: Happy 6th Birthday Quotes + Messages Turning a new age is always an exciting and memorable moment for kids since they get to enjoy so many sweets and candy, especially if they are turning 6. Birthday messages to a six-year-old should be filled with love and care. It should be written in a memorable […]

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Happy 8th Birthday Quotes + Poems

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Inside: Happy 8th Birthday Quotes + Poems. I felt like the day my babies turned eight was a beginning of a whole new period in their little life. They weren’t my little babies anymore, their personality started changing, they began to have all these friends and ideas and just growing up so fast. They want […]

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