Thankful Quotes to Help Warm Your Heart

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Inside: Thankful quotes to warm your heart. As the weather begins to get a little colder each morning and night, let’s not forget that our hearts need warming just as much as our bodies. These Thankful Quotes are meant to do just that – warm the hearts of whoever reads them. Is today the day […]

Not So Scary Halloween Quotes for Kids

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Inside: Not So Scary Halloween Quotes for Kids. Grab your candy and bring on the spook these totally fun Halloween quotes for kids are perfect for all your Halloween festivities. From haunted house decor to witchy wishes these magic messages are perfect to send to all your ghostly friends! I love the idea of printing […]

21 Spooky All Hallows Eve Quotes

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Inside: 21 Spooky All Hallows Eve Quotes. With Halloween just around the corner, creative juices everywhere are pumping. After all, is there any other holiday that ignites the imagination quite like All Hallow’s Eve?  Because a picture may be worth a thousand words, but you shouldn’t have to choose between one or the other. Whether […]

Fall Letterboard Quotes to use this Season!

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It’s starting to happen. You are starting to see those leaves turn, and maybe even a few are falling to the ground. Your favorite coffee shop just added the pumpkin drink to the menu and you’re even starting to wear your sweaters outside the house – even if it just is in the morning. All […]

Pumpkin Patch Quotes to Celebrate the Best Season

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Inside: Pumpkin Patch Quotes. It’s Fall – time for sweaters, falling leaves, and of course, EVERYTHING PUMPKIN. Maybe it’s because your favorite coffee flavoring is back, or maybe it’s because Trader Joe’s comes out with a pumpkin version of everything; whatever it is, it’s pumpkin awesome time. These Pumpkin Patch Quotes are designed to get […]

Cozy Fall Quotes to Comfort Your Soul

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There is something about Fall that makes it okay to want to spend your entire Saturday in bed. Sure, there are people out there who prefer to climb mountains, and chop wood, and do all sorts of burly fall things. Not you though. We can find you curled up with a book, drinking something warm, […]

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