Inside: Happy Saturday quotes. 

Oh, the sweet, sweet joy of waking up in the morning and realizing that it’s Saturday! Maybe you always go back to sleep for that extra hour or two. Maybe you conveniently pretend you don’t realize the kids are on their seventh episode on Netflix so you can enjoy that second cup of coffee. Whatever it is you do, there is something magical about Saturdays – the best day of the week.

These Happy Saturday Quotes help you celebrate the joy and wonder that only a Saturday morning can bring. So share one with a friend, but not until after 9am, cause no good friend sends a text before 9am on Saturdays.

Happy Saturday Quotes for the Best Day of the Week

1. Good morning, may your Saturday be as beautiful as you.

2. Smile, it’s Saturday morning.

3. Saturday morning – when I let the cartoons parent my children.

4. May your life be peaceful, like sleeping in on Saturday.

5. Saturday used to be for sleeping in, then I had kids.

Happy Saturday Funny Quotes

6. Is it just me, or is the bed a little comfier and warm on Saturday?

7. Now that you can have coffee delivered my Saturdays have never been the same.

8. Saturday morning is always quick to forgive you for Friday night.

Happy Saturday Quotes – Be kind to yourself today

9. Good morning you beautiful soul, be kind to yourself today.

Happy Saturday quotes

10. Happy Saturday! Now pretend you work a regular job and not retail.

11. Is there anything more perfect than a peaceful Saturday morning?

12. Having a baby means I cannot sleep in on Saturday, seeing his face makes it worth it.

13. Good morning, its Saturday. You don’t have to worry about Monday until tomorrow.
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And for the other days of the week:

14. May your Saturday morning be filled with children that sleep in.

15. I always monitor my kid’s screen time, except for Saturday morning. Mommy needs to sleep.

16. You know it’ going to be an amazing day when you wake up and it’s Saturday.

17. The best Saturday morning are the ones when you wake up at 1 pm.

You survived the week, now enjoy the shizzz out of your Saturday

18. You survived the week, now enjoy the shizzz out of your Saturday.

19. I wake up early on Saturday because I want to, not because my body refuses to let me sleep in.

20. Nothing ruins my Saturday like realizing it’s Monday.

Wishing it was Saturday quotes

21. Rise and Shine. Wait, fuck that it’s Saturday – go back to sleep.

22. It’s Saturday and you woke up to fresh coffee. Be thankful.

23. There are no vibes quite like Saturday morning vibes!

24. Saturday means wearing pajamas until 11 am!!!

25. Dear Saturday, I love you, please don’t leave me like you always do.