Inside: Niece and Nephew Quotes.

Being an Uncle or an Aunt is perfect. It’s like being a grandparent, but with fewer responsibilities. Serious, having and niece and nephew is like having people who think you are the coolest person in the world.

Think back to your Aunt or Uncle, unless they were creepy, they were the coolest. There is no in-between.

So without further ado here are the best niece and nephew quotes we could find to make your favorite little people feel extra loved.

Niece and Nephew Quotes – Make them feel special

Incase your have a birthday coming soon, these birthday quotes for niece will make her day.

1. A nephew is the best gift my sister ever gave me. Granted the bar was not too high, but I still love that little guy.

2. I was super excited about having a niece until the day I realized I was supposed to change her diaper if I was watching her.

3. Being an Uncle is amazing. I will always be cooler than their dad, and I won’t have to pay for college tuition.

Niece and nephew quotes

4. “If mom says no, my Grandma will say yes. If my Grandma says no, there’s always my Aunt.”

5. You know you’re doing a great job as a sister when you get promoted to Aunt.

6. There hasn’t been a single time seeing my niece and nephew that they haven’t screamed at me and ran to give me a hug every time they see me.

7. I take being an uncle very seriously, I only let my nephew eat ice cream twice when I am watching him.

Niece and Nephew Quotes – Aunt, or accomplice??

8. I’ve come to find that there is a fine line between being a cool Aunt and being an accomplice.

9. I love my niece so much that I’m willing to make silly faces in public just to see her smile.

10. I don’t know about you, but there is nothing better than spending time with my new niece – and then going home to my own house to get a good night’s sleep.

11. I didn’t think I would love something as much as my dog, and then I became an Aunt.

Aunt Quotes for Niece and Nephew

Funny Niece and Nephew Quotes

12. The best babies are the ones that you get to love and then give back to your sister at the end of the day.

13. If I had known being an Aunt was going to be this much fun I would’ve been setting my sisters up on way more dates.

14. All my nieces and nephews are brilliant and beautiful. They obviously take after their Aunt.

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15. One of the most amazing things about having a nephew is realizing how many families he has connected.

16. I know why my sister always says, “cool uncle” very sarcastically when referring to me. You lose a kid one time…

17. I think the coolest uncle of all time was Obi-Wan Kenobi – which is why I’m teaching my 3-year-old nephew how to sword fight.

Uncle Phil gave us all such big shoes to fill

18. It’s hard being an Uncle when Uncle Phil gave us all such big shoes to fill.

19. Every time I go to my nephews’ house he is so excited to show me all his drawings. I know I’m biased but those things belong in a museum.

Sweet niece and nephew quotes

20. The last thing an Aunt every wants to see is her nephew cry. Which is my I always hand him back to my sister when he does.

Niece and Nephew Quotes to Inspire Love

21. Being an Aunt is the greatest privilege I’ve ever had in my life.

22. The greatest part about being an uncle is having these kids who think I am the greatest person alive.

23. I always thought my Aunt was the coolest person growing up, turns out kids will think very highly of you if you let them choose the radio station.