Inside: 25 Trendy Teen Birthday Quotes and Images

Oh the teen years, they can be so fun and terrifying all at the same time. We are just entering the teen years and I have to be honest, it’s exhausting and the most fun I have had as a parent yet. They are at the age where they can do a lot for themselves and have fun doing things we have never been able to do as a family, but a lot with all that fun comes a little attitude every now and then. When I can get them off their cell phones or away from Netflix they are truly a joy to be around.

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These birthday quotes are full of fun messages that bring birthday joy to your teen on their big day! We have funny quotes, cute images, and the sweetest of birthday messages just for them! Pick your favorite teen birthday quotes and send it to your teen on their day!

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Trendy Teen Birthday Quotes and Images

Grab a bubble tea and cheers to these super fun teen birthday quotes and images that are sure to make them smile!

1. A year older, a year bolder!

2. Go Wild, it’s your birthday!

3. Happy Birthday to my “Best-tea”

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4. At 19, everything is possible and tomorrow looks friendly.

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5. Be brave, be bold, be the person you want to see in the world. Happy Birthday!

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6. At this age, silly ideas will always come to your mind, never ignore it, silly ideas always turn to something great. Happy Birthday teenager.

7. Officially a Teenager!

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Happy Birthday Teenager

Yay, it’s your birthday! Celebrate your teenager with these super fun teen happy birthday quotes just for them!

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8. Happy Birthday to one of the best teens around. You have so much potential that you aren’t even aware of. We are going to make this one of the best birthdays ever!

9. It’s your birth-yaaay!

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10. Happy Birthday. We wish you an incredible year full of love and success. Enjoy kiddo!

11. HBD to my BFF

happy birthday teen quotes

12. We wish you the best years in the future. We know that now is a time for brand new experiences and we want you to have an incredible time. Have a beautiful birthday.

13. Have an awesome birthday teenager!

teen birthday quotes

14. At this tender age, you must start having faith in your abilities; it’ll help you to always become better. Happy Birthday my son.

15. Have a spec-taco-ular birthday!

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Teen Birthday Quotes for Your Crazy Teen

If you love punny quotes and making people smile then these teen birthday quotes are just for you!

16. Never ever forget to be light unto others when their fire is low, it’ll define the kind of person you are. Happy Birthday teenager.

17. Hey, it’s sherbet-day! 

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18. I can never take you for granted dear teenager for you have proven that you are more than what they see. Enjoy your birthday and everything that comes your way, crazy kid.

19. Have a berry-happy birthday!

teen birthday quotes

20. So much runs through the mind of every teenager especially at this very age, never forget to take patience in all you do, it will lead you to greatness. Happy Birthday.

21. TIK TOK on the Birthday clock!

teen birthday quotes

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