Inside: 25th Birthday Quotes

Turning 25 means that you are a quarter-century old. It’s not that old, but when you use the word century it feels like life just got really important. Sure, you are old enough to run for Congress now, but it’s not like you want to give up your youth any time soon.

These 25th Birthday Quotes with images will help you celebrate your youth while taking seriously the creeping reality that you’re supposed to be an adult by now.

So grab a quote for yourself, if you are celebrating, or grab one for a friend to share on Instagram. Just make sure you celebrate it well.

25th Birthday Quotes – Let’s Celebrate

1. You are officially a quarter-century old.

2. 25 is your year to thrive.

3. You can now officially run for Congress, but please don’t.

4. 25 is the year where you just kinda start to feel old.

5. You deserve much more than a birthday greeting, and I hope you get it.

6. Studies show those with more birthday will end up living longer lives.

7. Halfway to 50 and still looking nifty.

25th Birthday Quotes – Let the quarter-life crisis commence

8. Let the quarter-life crisis commence.

9. Halfway done with the third century of your life…

10. Congrats for being alive for 9,125 days.

11. 25, now it’s really time to start acting like an adult.

12. Dang, you make 25 looks really good.

13. I didn’t need an excuse to drink wine and eat cake, but I’ll take it.

14. 25, alive, and ready to party.

15. Happy Birthday you sweet, beautiful soul.

On this day a Queen was born

16. On this day a Queen was born. Happy 25th Birthday!

17. Another 365 days around the sun and you still shine brighter.

18. Keep Calm, it’s my 25th birthday!

19. When you turn 25 all of a sudden not getting carded is an insult.