Inside: 25 Twins Birthday Quotes – Double the Fun

Twin birthdays mean double the cake, double the celebration, and double the fun! There is nothing more special than that bond of twins and celebrating them on their special day is oh so much fun!


We put a list together of the 25 best twins birthday quotes that celebrate each twin in their own special way! Let us know in the comments your favorite twin birthday ideas!

Twins Birthday Quotes

These twin birthday quotes are perfect for celebrating each kid on their special day!

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1. Happy Birthday X2

twins birthday

Twins birthday quotes prints

2. You are my favorite pair of twins, and today being your birthday, I want to wish you an awesome birthday full of joy and laughter.

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3. Happy birthday to two of my favorite twins in the world. I am always proud to call you beautiful souls my friends.

4. Double the birthdays, double the cake! 

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5. You are not only my twin brother, but you are also my best friend. Happy birthday to the world’s sweetest brother.

6. Twinning! Happy Birthday, twin! 

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7. Sometimes I can’t help but wonder how people get through life without a twin. Thank you for being my twin and do have a happy birthday!

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8. You always turn my tears into happy smiles and take away all my fears. That’s how precious you are to me. I am forever grateful for having a twin-like you. Have a wonderful birthday.

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Double Trouble Twins Birthday Quotes

Have a ball with these cute twin birthday quotes!

9. Being a twin is like being born with a best friend.

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10. We came into this world together. May we never be separated by anyone or anything. Happy birthday, my beautiful twin.

11. We may be twins, but we are one of a kind.

Funny twins birthday puns and quotes

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12. May you find success in everything that you do. I love you with all of my heart and soul. Have an amazing birthday, my sweet twin sister.

13. Happy birthday, just know that you two are special because you should always come in a pair.

14. You have really grown into beautiful human beings. I hope your plus one will be a reason you keep those smiles on your faces. Have a great birthday my dear twins.

15. Birthday Twins!

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16. You may be twins but I see each of you differently, you each have a personality and no matter what you may share, you are both different individuals, have fun as you turn older my loves. Happy Birthday!

17. Happy Birthday to the coolest twins!

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18. I am lucky because I have two loves of my life, I love you both so much and hope you enjoy your birthday my darling twins, you are appreciated!

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Happy Birthday Quotes for Twins

Here are a few more of our favorite twins birthday quotes we know you’ll love!

19. Twins. Double the trouble and twice the love!

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20. You are uniquely unique and I hope you know how happy I am to be sharing this day with you. Have fun as you blow out the candles dear twins, may you grow older than the hills.

21. Sparkle and shine, it’s birthday party time!

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22. You both came into our lives at unique moments, you both share wonderful qualities, something that brings pleasure. Happy Birthday our great twins. Two are indeed better than one. Enjoy your special day boys.

23. oh my gosh, let’s party! 

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Sharing a birthday with someone else isn’t always the best. Just ask all the people born on December 25. But there is something special about sharing your birthday with a twin. It’s a bit of a celebration that you two have always been together, and will always be connected.

As the parent of twins, I can say that it is not always easy for us, or for them – but, even when cramming two birthday parties into one day, it is always worth it.

So whether you are a twin, have twins, or know twins, have a good laugh at the Twins Birthday Quotes.

Twins Birthday Quotes

24. Twins have genes so nice God made them twice.

25. Having to share your birthday could be worse, you could have been born on Christmas.

Twin birthday quotes funny.

26. Look at the bright side, you’ll never forget your sister’s birthday.

27. Sure you always got the same presents, but if one broke you had another!

28. People always seem to be more into congratulating my mom on surviving than wishing us Happy Birthday.

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Birthday Quotes for Twins

29. Happy birthday to you two, I promise to one day tell which one of you is which.

30. Twins always get half the value of a present, but double the love.

31. It’s always nice to get told how much you look like your brother unless you are a girl.

32. Happy Birthday to the two people who were so special they had to arrive at the same time.

Happy Birthday Twin quotes

33. Since we share a birthday, it’s easier to get a birthday- week!

34. No yes, please, we aren’t tired of getting Double mint Gum as a present…

Happy Birthday to the greatest BOGO of my life

35. Happy Birthday to the greatest BOGO of my life, love mom.

36. My twin sister never forgets my birthday. I on the other hand…

Twins funny birthday quotes with images

37. My twin sister always tells me, “Happy Birthday to my little sister.” She’s a minute older.

38. Happy birthday to the two girls who we can swear we can tell the difference between.

39. Being a twin teaches you life doesn’t center around you, even on your birthday.

40. Thank you to our mom and dad, who always made sure we each had a party.

41. Twinning and winning!

42. Twins are like a mirror for always.

43. Genes so nice, they made them twice!

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