Inside: 31 of the BEST 31st Birthday Quotes To Share.

“They say it’s your birthday…” Celebrate anyone turning 31 with sweet, funny, and happiest messages. Now that they are in full swing into their thirties, it’s time to celebrate this new stage of life.

What better way to do so, than some fun and encouraging quotes. We love sending birthday messages to all of our favorite birthday people.

Share these 31st birthday quotes in a card, through a text, or as a caption of your favorite picture together. There are so many ways to share the birthday love.

31st Birthday Quotes

The Best 31st Birthday Quotes

1. A wonderful one is turning thirty-one. Happy B-day!

31st Birthday Quotes

2. At 31, real-life experiences come running at you; hope you have room for tranquility. Happy 31st!

3. May 31 be the age you rediscover yourself. Have fun!

4. Happy 31st birthday to my daughter whom I love and adore so much. Always remember how much you are loved. Enjoy your special day!

5. 31 is a powerful age, so don’t be dull and go enjoy it.

6. You look so fabulous as always! No one would believe that you’re 31!

7. A person with a beautiful soul is turning 31. Congrats, my friend.

8. Happy 31st Birthday to my friend who is always by my side. We’ve laughed together, had fun together, and now is the time to enjoy riches together.

9. Happy 31st Birthday!

Happy 31st Birthday Quotes

10. Thirties or twenties, you will always be beautiful inside and out.

“I am 30 + 1” – Happy 31st Birthday Quotes

11. 31 never looked so great!

12. Happy birthday to my favorite former punk rocker!

13. I am 30 + 1

Quotes About Turning 31

14. You get to be the center of attention today! Tomorrow it’s back to me.

15. Have a martini for me! Or two!

16. May the cake calories go straight to your boobs!

17. To quote Shakespeare: ‘Party thine ass off!

Party sayings From Shakespeare

18. Dibs on the presents you don’t like!

19. Please stop aging so gracefully. It’s getting kind of boring and predictable.

20. Happy Birthday to a friend I couldn’t live without!

Funny 31st Birthday Quotes

21. If life were a sitcom, you’d be the witty, glamorous friend and I’d be the dorky sidekick. And I don’t mind that at all. I hope you have a GREAT birthday.

22. This getting older stuff isn’t for sissies. Glad I have a friend like you to go first!

23. There are more than ten million birthdays on this planet. I came to yours. You are welcome.

24. Happy Birthday! Just another year closer to being that crazy cat lady…

cat lady birthday quotes

25. It’s never too late to be what you want to be..unless you want to be younger, then you’re screwed.

26. I was gonna make you a rum cake but now it’s just a cake and I’m drunk.

27. You’re how old? Just be glad your age is not calculated in “Dog years”. They would have put you down by now!

28.They say love is all you need…So I forgot to buy a birthday present. Happy Birthday!

29. Birthdays are nature’s way of telling us to eat more cake!

More cake Birthday Quotes

30. The older you get the bolder you get.

31. 31 is the new 21.

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