Inside: Hilarious & meaningful turning 18 quotes. 

You only turn 18 once. Turning 18 means you can legally buy tobacco and also alcohol in most countries outside the US. It also means you can vote and are officially an adult. This right of passage usually comes with fanfare, and of course, gifts and well-wishes.

These Turning 18 Quotes will help you wish them well, while also having a but of fun. Show your love to your newly 18 loved one with these quotes.

Turning 18 Quotes that are Hilarious and Meaningful

1. I keep telling my kids they have to move out when they are 18 and my wife always yells at me to stop. Gotta keep them on their toes.

2. Congrats on turning 18. You can now vote and be drafted. Life is a give and take, you’ll learn.

Turning 18 Quotes that are Hilarious and Meaningful

3. If 18 is when a person becomes an adult, then why do I have to keep paying for their insurance, and why do I get to claim them as a dependant?

4. Now that your 18 you can go to war, but you will still need a hall pass to go to the bathroom.

5. You’ve been alive for 6,570 days now. And to think, I wiped your ass for about 1100 of those days.

18th birthday quotes

6. Son, now that you are 18, you are an adult and being an adult is hard. For starters, you don’t get summers off anymore.

7. Now that you are 18 you can legally drink in Europe. But since you can’t afford to fly to Europe, you still have to keep asking people outside the gas station to buy you a beer.

8. “Just think son, now that you are 18, your life is about half over.” – my inspirational Dad on my 18th birthday

9. Just think, you are 18. If you were on a teenage pregnancy show you’d have a toddler. Since you aren’t, you can keep acting like one for a few more years.

10. Happy 18th birthday. Now make sure you study for your finals after you get done blowing out your candles.

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Turning 18 Quotes – Congrats on being able to vote…

11. Congrats on being able to vote. I must warn you about all the phone calls you are going to get though.

12. When I was your age bars would serve 18 years olds cause they knew we would be drafted into the war soon. But I guess all the time you spend playing Call of Duty is close…

13. With you turning 18, you can expect a lot of adults to start giving you unsolicited advice.

14. You are an adult now. You can now start worrying about credit scores and rent.

15. Sure you are an “adult” now. But you still can’t tie a tie, change a tire, or pronounce half the foods at a restaurant.

16. Got moved up a grade when I was younger so I have the distinct “privilege” of celebrating my 18th birthday in college.

17. My parents always say the high school years are the best years, how bad is their life now that they would say that?!?!?

18. I turned 18 on a Wednesday in the middle of the school year. So yeah, we had a rager for a party…

Funny 18th birthday Quotes

19. I’m 18 and I still don’t feel like an adult. Maybe I’m not doing this right and should start complaining about everything more?

20. My parents told me when I turned 18 I would start making my own decision. Apparently there was a “still under my roof” clause to that deal that I was unaware of.

21. I’m now 18 and can get a tattoo without my parent’s permission. Time to waste my birthday present on a permanently regrettable decision!

22. I always thought it would be more special when I turned 18. But nope, still have to go to school and work. Yay me!

Meaningful quotes for turning 18

Turns out there is no manual for being an adult…

23. Turns out there is no manual for being an adult handed to you when you turn 18, just a lot of unsaid expectations.

24. My parents said I could either have a birthday present or a graduation present. Being an adult is off to a great start.

25. I moved out of my parents house when I was 18 because I could. Really should’ve learned about credit scores and bank accounts before I did that.