Inside: Happiest December Birthday Quotes + Wishes.

December is the most awaited time of the year, especially for children. This is the month where we celebrate the birth of Jesus. Also, December is believed to have a high birth rate which means many people are celebrating their birthdays during this month.

If you know someone born in this month it is better to make their celebration extra special. Birthdays are a good way to show how important they are and to express our love to them.

If you are having trouble in putting up the right words for your wishes and greetings, here are the Happy birthday December wishes that could surely help you. I hope you make them happy with these quotes!

Happy Birthday Quotes

December Birthday Quotes

Say happy birthday December babes with these fun quote ideas. 

1. As far as gifts go, you’re one of the best Christmas presents I’ve ever gotten. Happy Christmas Birthday!

2. Thanks for being born during the holidays. It’s great to have one more reason to get jolly! Happy Holiday Birthday!

3. Mixing birthdays and holidays makes for caroling, jingling, amazingly great time!

4. Hope the birthday fairy and Santa Claus are both good to you! Happy Christmas Birthday!

December Birthday Funny Quotes

5. May cake, candles, gifts, and more gifts be yours this year! Happy December Birthday!

6. Wishing you a ho-ho-happy Christmas birthday!

7. A birthday on Christmas Eve? Lucky you! You get to open presents today AND tomorrow! Happy Birthday!

December Birthday Wishes

Share these fun December Birthday Quotes with your favorite Christmas baby. They are fun, sweet, and perfect for celebrating your favorite guy or gal. 

8. On December 24, most Americans are celebrating National Eggnog Day or National Chocolate Day. I choose to celebrate YOU! Happy Birthday!

9. Hope you’ve been doubly good this year…for your sake. Happy Birthday and Merry Christmas!

10. Wishing you a day filled with love, joy, cake, balloons, candy canes, and snowmen! Happy December Birthday!

11. May blessings abound during this season of joy. Happy Christmas Birthday!

12. Wishing you twofold joy and happiness as your special day falls on Christmas. Happy Birthday!

13. Extra wishes to you for your special day. Merry Christmas and Happy Birthday!

Christmas Birthday Wishes

14. Hope your birthday is truly magical. Happy Birthday on Christmas Eve!

15. May this holiday season bring you more blessings on your birthday. Happy Christmas Birthday!

December Birthday Text Messages

Send a thoughtful birthday text message on their special day. These fun text ideas are great for spreading a little birthday cheer. 

16. Wishing you a cheerful celebration during this most beautiful time of year! Happy Christmas Birthday!

17. Birthday bells are ringing for you on this special day of joy. Happy Christmas Birthday!

18. Only special people get to celebrate birthdays and Christmas together. Many blessings to you for the coming year! 

19. May the magic of the season fill your heart with joy as you are wished a wonderful birthday!

20. Wishing you a wonderful birthday, a blessed Christmas, and a happy new year!

21. This month is so colorful and bright. Just like you who always shines for us. Happy birthday.

22. Christmas is what others celebrate in December. Your birthday is what we celebrate.

23. Happy birthday December. I wish Santa Claus give you a present you ever dream to have.

Sweet Christmas Birthday Wishes

These sweet December Birthday Quotes are the perfect say to say “Happy Birthday”! 

24. You have given the greatest gift of all; Happiness. Happy birthday December! Make a wish!

25. May you find your true happiness in everything you do. Happiest birthday dear December.

26. Those snowflakes on your cheeks are my soul. They keep kissing you until you put them away.

27. The most special person in my life was born today! Let me give you sweet kisses and hugs.

28. Happy birthday December! Always keep your feet on the ground and continue to be great.

29. This is the only day I could allow you to hug me. Happiest birthday my friend. Enjoy your day.

30. Party hard for this day only comes once a year. Celebrate this day with love and joy.

31. You are born in this cold season but you have the warmest smile in this town. Happy birthday.

Happy December Birthday

32. Since you were born, you always put smiles on our faces every day. Happy birthday December.

December  Birthday Funny Quotes

December babies know the real struggle of having a birthday so close to Christmas. These funny December birthday quotes are a fun way to poke at the struggles of a holiday birthday. 

33. “This is your birthday AND Christmas present” – December babies know this phrase too well. 

34. I’d love to celebrate your December birthday for a few minutes in between holiday parties. 

35. All I want for Christmas is for someone to remember my December birthday. 

36. May your December birthday provide the perfect excuse for being out of control at every holiday party. 

37. “Thanks for my birthday/Christmas present” – Said no on ever.

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December Birthday Quotes