Inside: Bust A Move Dance Party Invitation Quotes!

We all like to get down and bust a move every now and then! One of my favorite parties to throw is a dance party, everyone letting loose and cutting a rug makes for a REALLY fun night! There is something so wild and fun about getting together with your best friends and dancing the night away, we personally love dancing along with Just Dance.

If you’re looking for a little dance party inspiration then you are in the right place! These dance party invite quotes are perfect for your next celebration.

Dance Party Invitation Quotes

Dance Party Invitation Quotes

1. Dance in the music as the flowers do with the blowing breeze!

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2. Don’t miss this chance to act a bit drunk even when you aren’t, and impress all with your dancing skills.

3. Let the Michael Jackson in and dance your worries out, don’t miss this chance and come at the dance party.

4. Come on come on put the radio on its Friday night and we have just begun.

5. Come on and enjoy all you can as we invite you to the dance party from (name) at (date place and time) and show the magic on the dance floor with your feet.

6. Paint the dance floor with your feet and cool dance moves as we all invite you to join us at the dance party.

Dance Party Quotes

7. Show no mercy to the dance floor and dance as much as you can! You won’t get bored and join us at the dance party held by (name) at (place date and time)

Dance Party Invitation Quotes for Your Party

8. Free up your mind and loosen up the muscles and let us dance together as the beat drops high, join us at (place date and time) for its gonna be the best dance party ever

9. Let your ears take in the melody and your body does the dancing!

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10. Don’t forget this day as we ought to make it special as we are organizing a dance party and we invite you to enjoy the dance.

11. Come and make this dance party special with your presence and eat and enjoy all you can.

12. Come make new friends and get to listen to new beats as we host a dance party and we invite you and your family.

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13. Don’t miss this chance to throw your feet and hands in the air and dance like hell, come at the dance party we organized, and enjoy to your fullest.

Bust a Move with these Quotes

14. On these cold winters who doesn’t need a warm-up for the body? Come and enjoy with us at the dance party we are organizing and make your day special.

15. An occasion like this shall really pay off well, be a part of this happy moment as we start the dance party and we invite you as well.

16. Never shall you get this wonderful chance to show off your cool moves of dancing on lovely beats!

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17. Dance and sing and move your arms as we invite you to the dance party organized by (name) at (date place and time).

18. Come on and listen to the beats drops and dance all night as we invite you to the dance party and lets enjoy the beats and melody with all our hearts and mind.

19. Come to the dance floor and dance like hell till the moon goes down and sun comes up!


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I hope you found the perfect Dance Party Invitation Quotes for your next disco bash! Let us know in the comments your favorite song to dance too.