Inside: 27 Funny Cinco De Mayo Quotes with Grande Images. 

Did someone say tacos? Let me be honest, if it involves tacos I am 100% in, ALWAYS. That’s the truth folks, so these funny Cinco de Mayo Quotes are the sour cream to my tacos. 😉 What I’m trying to say is, what better way to celebrate Cinco de Mayo than some funny quotes and some tasty tacos!

Funny Cinco de Mayo quotes with images

Any reason for me to get my hands on tacos and tequila I’ll be there. So Cinco de Mayo is one of my favorite holidays to celebrate with friends and family. There are so many fun ways to say “Let’s Fiesta” check out a few of our favorites!

Funny Cinco de Mayo Quotes

Here are a few of the funniest Cinco de Mayo Quotes! They are guaranteed to make you giggle!

1. Fiesta like there’s no Manana.

2. Drinko de Mayo

3. I’m in a serious relation-chip!

Fiesta Quotees

4. All you need is a Fiesta!

5. Nacho average Senorita

6. Yeah, Yeah, we know the Guac is extra.

7. I’m DTF – Down to Fiesta

Fiesta Quotes

8. “I hate Cinco de Mayo,” Said no Juan Ever!

9. Life is a Fiesta

10. In Queso an emergency, pray to Cheesus!

Cinco de Mayo Quotes

Let’s Taco bout some Cinco de Mayo Quotes

You know I HAVE to have a section dedicated all to my dear sweet Taco lovers, like my self! Whether you like them crunchy or soft here are a few of my favorite Cinco de Mayo taco-inspired quotes!

11. I wonder if Tacos think about me too.

12. I’m just here for the tacos.

Taco Quotes

13. Tacos Give Me Life

14. A well-balanced diet is a taco in each hand.

15. Taco bout a party

16. Wild about Tacos

17. Bring me some Tacos, Bitchatchos

Cinco de Mayo

18. The Tacos are calling and I must go!

19. Happy Taco Day. Lettuce Celebrate!

20. All I care about is Tacos, and like 3 people.

Tequila Made Me Do It

Ah, we have all blamed Tequila for some bad choices in our life, just me? ahh. Anyway here are a few of the funniest tequila quotes for you Cinco de Mayo festivities!

21. Tequila is my spirit animal.

22. But First, Tequila!

Tequila Quotes

23. This Tequila tastes like I’m a really good dancer.

24. You should definitely dance on that table.  – Tequila

25. Keep Calm and Drink Tequila

Quotes about Cinco de Mayo

26. All things are possible with Tequila and Tacos!

27. Stop trying to make everyone happy, you’re not Tequila or Tacos!

More Funny Quote Inspiration

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Adios, Until Next Time

Use these quotes for signs, Social Media posts, or the perfect saying for your Fiesta shirt. There is so much fun to be had with these crazy Cinco de Mayo quotes. From tacos to tequila, and everything in between, we hope these quotes bring a little more fun to your fiesta!

Let us know in the comments your favorite Cinco de Mayo quote and how do you use them? We love to hear from you!