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25 Uplifting Bible Birthday Quotes For Cards

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Inside: 25 Uplifting Bible Birthday Quotes Birthdays are simply the best. Parties, games, cake, presents, and loved ones coming together to celebrate another milestone in our wonderful lives. These are the moments to remember that God’s gift of life is the greatest gift of all and that every single life is precious. It’s important to […]

Positive Quotes for Office Wall Inspiration

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Inside: Positive Quotes for Office Wall Inspiration.  Staying motivated at work can be tough. Especially when that your boss is pushing deadlines, phone calls are coming in, and your email inbox keeps adding up! Finding the right motivation to get you through those long work is key for the most productive you! I know for […]

77 Perfectly Hip Tattoo Quotes

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Inside: The Perfect Hip Tattoo Quotes A tattoo is a perfect way to remember a special moment, to honor a loved one, celebrate a life moto, or just a fun reminder of that stage in your life. We’ve been rounding up our favorite tattoo designs that make us happy right here, but what about when […]

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