Inside: You mean the world to me inspirational quotes.

We all have those people that make our world go around. Those persons who are so special to us that our world seems to gravitate around them. Whether it is expressed in song, or just a quote that demonstrates it, saying “you mean the world to me” is the ultimate expression of love and appreciation for someone.

So, with each quote you read below, think of who in your life that is true of. Take a moment and make there day by sending them one of the “you mean the world to me quotes” so they will know that they truly mean the world to you.

You Mean the World to Me Quotes

1. I don’t need the world, because you are my world.

2. Everything is ok, cause you are my best friend.

3. Your smile lights up my world.

you mean the world to me inspirational quotes

4. I know how to make the world a better place, we need more of you.

5. You mean the world to me, I hope to show you that every day.

6. Time with you makes the world standstill.

7. Pretty sure the world runs on your smile.

8. I am on this planet today because you cared for me.

9. You are so wonderful I’m willing to overlook that you order pineapple on pizza.

10. I didn’t know what it meant to be alive until I met you.

11. Thank you for teaching me that every minute is worth living.

This world is special because you are in it

12. This world is special because you are in it.

13. She’s my daughter, she’s my whole world.

14. You love me, and that is enough for me.

inspirational quotes for life

15. The most special thing in the world is being with you.

16. Being around you makes my problems feel so small.

17. After last night with you, the world could end for all I care.

18. No matter how old I get, nothing is as special as my child smiling at me.

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19. The world could be crashing down around me, but if you are by my side everything is fine.

20. You could have had the worst day, but you coming home will still be the single greatest moment in a dog’s life.

You mean the world to me, this is why

21. There isn’t a bad day that cannot be erased by a hug from you.

22. No one has ever made me laugh like you.

Inspirational quotes about love

23. The day I became your mom the world got considerably brighter.

24. You have never escaped my thoughts since the day we met.

25. No matter what is going on, if I close my eyes and imagine your smile, the world seems right again.

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How do you inspire the people around you with words? Sharing quotes is always my favorite thing to do.