Inside: Sweet Cotton Candy Quotes + Captions

If there is any candy that takes us back to our true childhood memories, it’s cotton candy! There is just something so special about getting fresh cotton candy on a stick from the fair or carnival. Since you can’t just go down to the store and buy it, making sure you bought some at the fair was a must! 

When we think of this cloud-like fluffy candy, we think of days at the fair, circus, or other special events and it instantly brings up nostalgic memories of the joy and fun that we experienced. Fun and cotton candy go hand in hand. Aesthetic photos are another thing that comes to mind. 

In my opinion, all the cotton candy photos are so cute. It is like the candy that doesn’t take a bad photo. From pictures of you holding your cotton candy to pictures with the carnival in the background, they are all so fun. 

To help you spread joy and happiness all over your Instagram feed we have put together all the cutest cotton candy quotes and captions. These will be perfect if you have photos from the fair, are celebrating National Cotton Candy Day, or just have some cute photos that you want to share. 

Cotton Candy Instagram Captions

Cotton Candy Quotes

Sweet, fluffy, and cute, these are just a few of our favorite things about cotton candy. These quotes go perfectly with our love of this sugary treat. Check out a few of our favorites!

1. Dreams taste like cotton candy

2. One of the secrets of a happy life is cotton candy

3. I love you more than cotton candy, popcorn and balloons

4. Life is short. Make it sweet with cotton candy

5. Any day that involves cotton candy is a good day

6. Never say no to cotton candy

7. Life is like cotton candy, so sweet and beautiful, but is gone so fast

8. Cotton candy has my heart

9. Life is better with cotton candy

10. Don’t just reach for the clouds, taste it

Cotton Candy Puns

11. Cotton candy is made of sweetness and magic

12. Dear cotton candy, I love you

13. Without cotton candy life would be so boring

14. Sometimes you just need some cotton candy to make life ok

15. All you really need is love, but cotton candy doesn’t hurt

16. Cotton candy brings back the best childhood memories that you wish could have lasted forever

17. Be silly, be kind, and be sweet like cotton candy

18. I’ve got a soul full of cotton candy and sunshine

19. Everything is fine when there is cotton candy and sunshine

20. The fair is where you get cotton candy 

Cotton Candy Instagram Captions

So you have the perfect cotton candy pic for your Instagram feed, now you just need a delicious caption to go with it. Check out our favorite cotton candy quotes that work perfectly for your insta aesthetic!

21. I must go, the cotton candy stand is calling

22. Keep calm and eat cotton candy

23. Sweet pink… and blue clouds on a stick

24. Happiness is…. cotton candy

25. Hope. Joy. Cotton Candy.

26. Life is short, make it sweet

27. Trust in the magic of cotton candy

28. Hand me the cotton candy and nobody gets hurt

29. You are the cotton to my candy

30. Forget your worries, and eat cotton candy

31. Love is sweet and so is cotton candy

32. Cotton candy and unicorns are what dreams are made of

33. Sweeter than cotton candy

34. The world needs more cotton candy

35. Sticky sweetness, sticky fun

36. You make my day sweet

Sweet Candy Sayings

37. I believe in cotton candy

38. I don’t like cotton candy….said no one ever! 

39. Let yourself taste the sweetness of life

40. Sugar on a stick

Cute Cotton Candy Puns

Who doesn’t love a funny pun? These cotton candy quotes are twisted together with some of our favorite sugary puns that will have you smiling from ear to ear. 

41. Cotton candy is my favorite color

42. Eat more cotton candy

43. Fluffy like cotton candy

44. I am just here for the cotton candy

45. Sugar + air = cotton candy

46. Cotton candy kisses

Funny Cotton Candy Captions

47. The only thing I love more than donuts is cotton candy

48. Be sweet like cotton candy

49. If the question is about cotton candy, the answer is yes! 

50. You’re my cotton candy

51. Buy me cotton candy and I’ll love you forever

52. If only love was as sweet as cotton candy

53. Cotton candy calories don’t count

54. I’ve been a cotton candy lover since day one

55. You’re like cotton candy; sweet and you make me happy

56. Pour some sugar on me, and call me cotton candy

57. Always make time to stop and buy some cotton candy

58. I just want to go to the fair and eat cotton candy

59. Pro tip: Never eat cotton candy in the rain!

60. Summertime snack goals

61. Cupcakes and cotton candy are two of my favorite things

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Cotton Candy Quotes