Inside: Pumpkin Patch Quotes.

It’s Fall – time for sweaters, falling leaves, and of course, EVERYTHING PUMPKIN. Maybe it’s because your favorite coffee flavoring is back, or maybe it’s because Trader Joe’s comes out with a pumpkin version of everything; whatever it is, it’s pumpkin awesome time.

These Pumpkin Patch Quotes are designed to get you excited about celebrating your favorite season with your favorite people. So grab a pumpkin scone and light a pumpkin pie candle and enjoy these quotes or check out our cozy fall quotes for more pumpkin related fun!

Pumpkin Patch Quotes to Celebrate the Best Season of the Year

1. Meet me at the Pumpkin Patch.

2. You are the cutest pumpkin in this whole patch.

3. Where do Jack O’ Lanterns live? In the seedy part of town.

4. All Pumpkin Everything.

5. All I need is you, a pumpkin patch, and some hot chocolate.

6. Oh my gourd, I can’t believe it’s fall!

7. Let’s give them pumpkin to talk about.

I Only Have Pies for You

8. I only have pies for you.

9. It’s fall, you can find me in a field with pumpkins, thank you.

10. Pumpkin kisses and harvest wishes!

11. You + Me + Pumpkin Patch = #squashgoals

12. Pumpkin spice is my spirit animal.

13. My favorite color is pumpkin.

14. Pumpkin kisses and harvest wishes.

15. I love fall so much my soul is pumpkin flavored.

16. Let’s spice things up!

17. Life is better in sweater weather.

18. Don’t be a basic witch!

19. Let’s go to a pumpkin patch and get smashed.

20. The best part of waking up, is pumpkin in my cup.

Pumpkin Patch Quotes – My favorite month  is October

21. My favorite month is October

22. Keep calm, everything is now pumpkin flavored!

23. Trick or Treat-yo-self!

24. I would carve out time for you any day.

25. Go big or gourd home.